Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ugh, why won't blogger let me title my posts any longer???

Check out Adventures in Babywearing you can win a Podonbutai! What the heck is that you ask? It's a podeagi, onbuhimo, and a mei tai all in one carrier...incredible! It's being given away by All Natural Mommies and looks beautiful!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Some recent craftiness.....

I've actually been able to spend some time the last few months doing a bit of crafting! For years I've been able to set up H or E with a project or activity knowing that I'd be given at least 30 minutes to work on a project of my own...and many times I get over an hour of time from them. That has never worked with C; just about any time I would sit down he took that as a sign that it was time to breastfeed. And if it wasn't breastfeeding, there would be some emergency situation that required my immediate assistance every few minutes and it just wasn't worth the effort to take out the sewing machine and get everything set up.

This summer though we were able to come up with a plan that has worked wonderfully. I set up everything I need at the dining room table and C brings in one of our giant containers of legos and sets himself up on the floor next to me. He's close enough that he feels comfortable and safe, has ready access to help when he needs it, and I actually get projects completed! I still have to stop frequently to help with lego construction...always spaceships...but since he's right next to me it takes minimal time away form my work. As the dining room table is the table that we eat at I have to put the sewing machine away before dinner nightly, but I won't complain about that as long as I'm able to have some finished projects we can enjoy!

First up was a colored pencil roll for the boys. This was my first one, I'm in the middle of completing two more so they each have one for our upcoming trip. I'm pretty happy with it; I didn't have a pattern to work with and there are a few spots that look a bit rough, but as a whole I think they look great and the boys agree.

I also just completed a drawstring bag; also for our trip. The plan is for each of the boys to have their own bag for the airplane that can be filled with activities and snacks (so that I don't have to carry everything!). I did follow a pattern for this one, you can find it here Instructables Drawstring Bag H picked out this fabric for his...

I love the fabric he picked! I used canvas for the lining to strenghten the bag a bit as the outside fabric is a thin cotton

I think it looks great and the pattern was really easy to follow. Hopefully it will perform just as well on the trip!

We leave in 15 days! That should give me enough time to finish two pencil rolls and two bags; right?