Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mama's Day!

My mama's day was wonderful, although rain did alter our plans a bit. I was treated to an early breakfast of blueberry pancakes and coffee at a local restaurant, and H gave me this beautiful clay pot that he made. I just love the coloring and it looks great on the dining room table. We were supposed to go disc golfing although the rain changed those plans, and we ended up hanging out at home the rest of the day. I much would have preferred a nice sunny day as we all seem to enjoy each others company a bit more when we're outdoors and active, but mother nature doesn't always cooperate....even on mother's day.
The week ahead is starting to look quite busy. We need to visit the co-op, thrift store, and library. Tuesday includes an important trip to the capital to register our support for a proposed breastfeeding bill. The boys love going to the capital, and I feel great about giving them a glimpse into the power individuals can have when they get involved in the government. We also have a cat sitting job which E is beyond excited about, and a party in Chicago to attend this weekend. Add all that to our regular schedule and there's the potential for a hectic week, we'll see how it goes.