Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm an Aunt!

I know, two posts in one day....amazing! My sister had a baby on September 6th. I was able to attend the birth which was an amazing gift!

Me and baby, not quite 1 day old

E, so excited to finally have a cousin!

Ketchikan, Alaska

Long time no update....we're going through a lot of stuff with C lately, it's been time consuming and stressful. Perhaps I'll talk more about it sometime soon.

Anyway....after a day and a half on the boat we arrived in Ketchikan early in the morning it was sunny and in the low to mid 60's. We woke the boys and ate a quick breakfast so that we could get off the boat ASAP. When we were planning the trip we looked for excursions that all the boys would enjoy and planned on being off the boat as much as possible. We had no interest in "cruising". That morning we attended a Lumberjack show; if you've seen the Lumberjack competitions on ESPN you saw some of the same men that participated in the show. Their strength and balance was impressive, the boys were excited to cheer on the competitors with hoots and hollers, yelling and clapping.

Once the lumberjack show was over we had a bit of time before we met my parents for our next excursion...I'm pretty sure they were still sleeping while we were at the show. There wasn't much to explore in town, it's mostly stores designed to cater to cruisers; lots of jewelry stores. We walked around down by the port looking at all the boats, far more exciting to the boys than shopping.

We met up with my parents and took a bus out to the Ketchikan Rainforest...yes, a rainforest in Alaska. Our guide was a lifelong resident of Ketchikan who had spent many years exploring the rainforest so he had many stories to share. We went on a two mile hike through the rainforest.
The boys had a good time, C took over the camera so we have many pictures of the folks we took the tour with and several pictures of their shoes. I'll spare you the shoe pics; here are some of our rainforest pictures. We did see a bear, which really excited the boys, but also made me realize that we need a better camera!

Our next destination was Juneau, hopefully I'll post about that soon!